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Missha Tonight Brilliance Oil in Cream - Review

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Missha Tonight Brilliance Oil in Cream - Review

Missha's Tonight Brilliance Oil in Cream uses Micro Technology to deliver nourishing and moisturizing proteins to each layer of your skin. It uses pearl protein to prevent wrinkles and provide brightening effects. Since it is a cream-to-oil type moisturizer, this product would be best used in the evening as the last step of your routine.  

The texture is quite thin for a cream - it almost has the consistency of an ampoule or essence. This thinner consistency makes application really easy and cost-effective as a little goes a long a way. Once massaged in, the skin doesn’t feel greasy, but rather plump and rejuvenated. Immediately after application the skin has a pearlescent glow and the morning after my skin feels hydrated and not greasy at all. There is little to no transfer of the product either onto pillowcases or clothes, making it a really optimal night cream. 

It would be best suited for those with dry skin-types who need to lock in moisture with heavier oil products. It may be a bit heavy for those with oily skin or if you’re looking to wear this product under makeup.

Some notable ingredients include:

  1. Ceramide: Strengthens skin barrier
  2. Pearl Protein (Hydrolyzed conchiolin protein): Skin radiance
  3. Pearl Powder Extract: Skin Radiance
  4. Succinoyl Atelocollagen: Maintains skin moisture

I have dry/acne-prone skin, and I was so pleased that this cream never caused any breakouts. I used this product every night in the fall and winter after my Round Lab Soybean Cream to lock in moisture overnight. I did also use it in the mornings if I knew my skin would be exposed to the cold for a long time – like if I went skiing or hiking. Altogether, with almost daily use, the cream lasted me just over 2.5 months. I like and would attest to its brightening effects – it gradually builds up the glow beneath the skin.

The appearance of the cream itself is really beautiful – it has a pale pink iridescent colour which is naturally derived from the pearl extract. The cream has little to no noticeable scent and I had no complaints either way. My only gripe about the product is that the packaging is a little clumsy and unnecessarily bulky and doesn’t offer much in preventing leaks. Though the packaging is beautiful on the outside, the slippery feel of the container makes it hard to open and close the jar if you don’t wash your hands immediately before and after applying. I dropped it the first time I tried to open it because I didn’t think it’d be so slippery – so heed caution when opening!


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Customer review by Angie!

“I grew up having very oily skin and I used so many stripping, drying products that really damaged my skin. I thought the more oil I could strip off my skin the better, but it ultimately just compromised my overall skin health. Now I have dry, but acne-prone skin, which can sometimes be tricky to find products for. My biggest skin concerns are moisture and treating acne scars/dark spots. I really fell in love with K-Beauty after living in Korea for 6 months and being exposed to the vast array of products available. There are so many options and brands out there so I'm certain that with a little trial and error, anyone can find their optimal K-Beauty skincare routine!”

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